[VIDEO] Infiltration: Hungary Episode 4

Budapest Red Star Train Graveyard Istvantelek Locomotive Mav 301

In this episode check out the (in)famous Red Star Train Graveyard in Budapest. You don’t need to be a train enthusiast to be amazed by these steel behemoths that tell so many stories from the turbulent 20th century in Hungary.

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[VIDEO] INFILTRATION: Hungary Episode 1

Croatia Infitlration Hungary MiG soviet ghost town szentikarlysabadzha

The first episode of “Infiltration: Hungary”. The idea is to travel each month to a different destination and do a travel/educational documentary on forgotten and abandoned locations. Please note that this was completely independently funded, all the gear and tools are our own.

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[VIDEO] INFILTRATION: Exploring Hungary Trailer

Croatia Infiltration, Hungary, Kelenfold, Power plant

The teaser/trailer for the second destination of our video series “Infiltration”. This time we set of to explore the secrets of Hungary.

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[DAY2 pt.2] Kaloyanovetz Train Station

Kaloyanovetz abandoned trains

The small town of Kaloyanovetz is situated near Stara Zagora, it didn’t take us long to find the place full of abandoned trains and carriages.

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The Days of
Architecture in Zagreb

We and our friend and colleague photographer ŽŽivko Pletikapić were asked to create an photo exhibition for this year’s Days of Architecture in Zagreb, hosted by The Zagreb Society of Architects and the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture.

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