[Bosnia] Monument to the Revolution

After a short but intense trip to Bosnia we will be sharing all sorts of interesting locations we visited, photographed and filmed. The first day started off with a blast – after realizing (at the border I must add) that my driver’s license expired 4 months ago

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[DAY 4]
Buzludzha monument – day

The day has finally come. After a few days of heavy rain, our gamble to stay in Shipka and wait out the weather has payed off. I remember waking up around 5 am and rushing outside for a cup of coffee and hopefully to see the long needed sun.

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[DAY2 pt.1] Stara Zagora Defenders of 1877

Stara Zagora Monument 1877

As we came to Stara Zagora well after midnight, we didn’t see much of the city, only the main street. Waking up after a long night of wondering around military bases, we honestly didn’t know what to expect from this city.

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[DAY1 pt.1] Monument of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship

Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet friendship

“Croatia Infiltration” as a project started around 2009. Guessing by the name – we were primarily focused on exploring abandoned locations in Croatia. Some of us explored abroad but we never went as a group. Thankfully, in October 2016 that changed.

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The Days of
Architecture in Zagreb

We and our friend and colleague photographer ŽŽivko Pletikapić were asked to create an photo exhibition for this year’s Days of Architecture in Zagreb, hosted by The Zagreb Society of Architects and the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture.

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