[VIDEO] Žrnovnica Command Center

Žrnovnica Object 182 Infiltration

Code-named “Object 182” or better known as “Žrnovnica”, is an abandoned military facility in Croatia.

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[VIDEO] WW2 Partisan Hospital and Graveyard

Central Partisan hospital Croatia

In this episode of INFOtration we are exploring an improvised hospital that helped thousands of wounded fighters during World War 2 – The Central Partisan Hospital.

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[VIDEO] Facts About The Buzludzha Monument

INFOtration Croatia Infiltration Buzludzha monument Bulgaria

Episode #1 of our new sideshow – INFOtration. In this smaller format we will cover a variety of themes from all the abandoned locations we visited so far

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[VIDEO] The Quarantine Island of Poveglia

Poveglia Quarantine Covid-19 Infiltration

While filming footage for this video, we didn’t know about the upcoming troubling times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was pure coincidence that we were planning on covering one of the most devastating pandemics in the history of humankind – the Black death or the Black Plague.

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[VIDEO] Italy’s industry and churches

Italy Infiltration Abandoned Urbex Human remains

In this episode we explore multiple abandoned locations all across Italy.

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[VIDEO] INFILTRATION: Hungary Episode 1

Croatia Infitlration Hungary MiG soviet ghost town szentikarlysabadzha

The first episode of “Infiltration: Hungary”. The idea is to travel each month to a different destination and do a travel/educational documentary on forgotten and abandoned locations. Please note that this was completely independently funded, all the gear and tools are our own.

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[VIDEO] INFILTRATION: Exploring Hungary Trailer

Croatia Infiltration, Hungary, Kelenfold, Power plant

The teaser/trailer for the second destination of our video series “Infiltration”. This time we set of to explore the secrets of Hungary.

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[Bosnia] Monument to the Revolution

After a short but intense trip to Bosnia we will be sharing all sorts of interesting locations we visited, photographed and filmed. The first day started off with a blast – after realizing (at the border I must add) that my driver’s license expired 4 months ago

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[DAY 4]
Buzludzha monument – day

The day has finally come. After a few days of heavy rain, our gamble to stay in Shipka and wait out the weather has payed off. I remember waking up around 5 am and rushing outside for a cup of coffee and hopefully to see the long needed sun.

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[DAY2 pt.1] Stara Zagora Defenders of 1877

Stara Zagora Monument 1877

As we came to Stara Zagora well after midnight, we didn’t see much of the city, only the main street. Waking up after a long night of wondering around military bases, we honestly didn’t know what to expect from this city.

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