[VIDEO] Infiltration: Hungary Episode 2

Infiltration Budapest Kelenfold Adria Palace

In this episode of “Infiltration: Hungary” check out the creepy, and strangely beautiful abandoned control room of the Kelenföld Power Plant, an Art Deco pearl in the heart of Budapest.

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[VIDEO] BTS – Bulgaria Exploration 2016

Buzludzha BTS Video cover

Finally the time has come – our first behind the scenes video is live on our YouTube channel.

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[Bosnia] Hotel Igman and the 84′ WO complex

Winter Olympics 84' logo

The morning of Day 3 we visited a hotel situated on the slopes of Igman mountain. As most of the country was covered in snow we were able to capture the site in the season in which it was supposed to shine the most.

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[DAY 3 pt.1]
Shipka Theater

As we started descending from the Buzludzha memorial, darkness and fog completely overtook the mountain. There are two options for spending a night near the monument – some sort of small hotel/mountain lodge buildings.

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The Days of
Architecture in Zagreb

We and our friend and colleague photographer ŽŽivko Pletikapić were asked to create an photo exhibition for this year’s Days of Architecture in Zagreb, hosted by The Zagreb Society of Architects and the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture.

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