[VIDEO] Italy’s abandoned villas and asylums

Croatia Infiltration, Italy, Asylum, Villa, Abandoned

In this episode we explore a few smaller villas, and some huge asylums in Italy.

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[VIDEO] Infiltration: History of Italy – Trailer

Infiltration Italy Trailer

The Italy series has it all, beautiful frescoes in lost luxurious mansions, horror stories from abandoned asylums, occult rituals in forgotten churches, historic military sites, and impressive industrial architecture that is losing the battle with time.

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[DAY1 pt.3] The D**k Of Shumen

The dick of shumen 00

This „thing“ was literally the first building that caught our eye during our visit to Shumen. We noticed it driving through the city on our way to the Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument. It was a genuine surprise. Back in Zagreb we all spent a lot of time in front of maps, pictures, blogs

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The Days of
Architecture in Zagreb

We and our friend and colleague photographer ŽŽivko Pletikapić were asked to create an photo exhibition for this year’s Days of Architecture in Zagreb, hosted by The Zagreb Society of Architects and the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture.

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