[VIDEO] Žrnovnica Command Center

Žrnovnica Object 182 Infiltration

Code-named “Object 182” or better known as “Žrnovnica”, is an abandoned military facility in Croatia.

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[VIDEO] Lisbon’s forgotten Villas and Palaces

Palace of the Counts of Ribeira Grande Lisbon

In this episode of Infiltration: Portugal we are exploring two abandoned locations, as well as Lisbon’s history.

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[VIDEO] WW2 Partisan Hospital and Graveyard

Central Partisan hospital Croatia

In this episode of INFOtration we are exploring an improvised hospital that helped thousands of wounded fighters during World War 2 – The Central Partisan Hospital.

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[VIDEO] Exploring Portugal Trailer

Portugal was the furthest country we visited so far for the Infiltration series.

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[VIDEO] Q&A: Producing the Infiltration series

Yesterday, the travel ban has been lifted in Croatia and that means its filming time. We plan on maximizing our work and use the given time to shoot a lot of materials for Infiltration and INFOtration.

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[VIDEO] Facts About The Buzludzha Monument

INFOtration Croatia Infiltration Buzludzha monument Bulgaria

Episode #1 of our new sideshow – INFOtration. In this smaller format we will cover a variety of themes from all the abandoned locations we visited so far

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[VIDEO] The Quarantine Island of Poveglia

Poveglia Quarantine Covid-19 Infiltration

While filming footage for this video, we didn’t know about the upcoming troubling times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was pure coincidence that we were planning on covering one of the most devastating pandemics in the history of humankind – the Black death or the Black Plague.

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[VIDEO] Italy’s industry and churches

Italy Infiltration Abandoned Urbex Human remains

In this episode we explore multiple abandoned locations all across Italy.

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[VIDEO] Italy’s abandoned villas and asylums

Croatia Infiltration, Italy, Asylum, Villa, Abandoned

In this episode we explore a few smaller villas, and some huge asylums in Italy.

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[VIDEO] Infiltration: History of Italy – Trailer

Infiltration Italy Trailer

The Italy series has it all, beautiful frescoes in lost luxurious mansions, horror stories from abandoned asylums, occult rituals in forgotten churches, historic military sites, and impressive industrial architecture that is losing the battle with time.

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