[VIDEO] Žrnovnica Command Center

Code-named “Object 182” or better known as “Žrnovnica”, is an abandoned military facility in Croatia. The official title for the facility was “Operativni centar komande vojno pomorske oblasti”, which stands for “Naval region Operations command center”. Basically, it was Yugoslavia’s version of the American NORAD.

This facility is the second largest underground facility in Croatia, and one of the largest in former Yugoslavia. It has all the necessary equipment to house personnel for a prolonged period of time in case of wartime (built to withstand nuclear blasts and biological threats).
The facility is notoriously complex, and the included 3D animation doesn’t show any levels, just the “shell” of the place. The larger “halls” shown in the animation are actually 4 story buildings built inside the mountain, that house apartments, “war rooms”, generators, AC & filters, etc…

Topside, the facility had 2 radio-relay domes, pointed towards two adjacent RRCv’s- network of underground radio relay bases that are in direct line of sight and cover the whole territory of Yugoslavia.
Radar information (from boats, planes, radar stations, etc…) and other tactical information (intelligence) was collected and grouped in this facility so that the commanders and radar operators inside could make the appropriate decision on which action to take. The facility was responsible for protecting Yugoslavia’s air and naval territory (west; south-west side).

The place has been abandoned after the end of the independence war in Croatia and stays derelict to this day, visited only by a handful of urban explorers… and unfortunately… scavengers.

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