[VIDEO] Royal

This picturesque mansion belonged to José Álvarez de Sousa Soares, who lost his parents at a young age and was left with no resources. Later, he discovered a new medicine that was very successful and sought after, and it allowed its inventor to make a large fortune in only a few years. At the age of 65 Jose died of an unknown cause, leaving his wife in charge of the three companies. For that particular time the viscountess was a very cultured woman and she personally organized meetings in the house to conduct her business. In this same house, important historical events were held where famous illustrious people of the time met, such as the inauguration of the electric light in 1928.

The house was always known as “La casa de la Vizcondesa” because it was her alone who took the family and the companies forward at the time, leading them to become what they are today. She was a true business woman in the middle of World War 1.

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