[VIDEO] Infiltration: Hungary Episode 3

In this episode of “Infiltration: Hungary” check out the massive and eerie remains of the power plant where a segment of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 was filmed, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. This factory was one of the largest industrial investments of the 1950’s in Hungary, it provided electricity for 50 years. Construction involved almost 4,500 workers, and about 2,000 workers who were employed in the manufacturing process after construction was finished. Of the total production 80% was reserved for Soviet use and the remaining 20% was placed at the disposal of the Hungarian industry.

Because of Hungary’s rich history of industry, finding the exact one was a very tricky feat. The Hungarian economy prior to World War II was primarily oriented toward agriculture and small-scale manufacturing. From the late 1940s, the Communist government started to nationalize the industry. At first, only factories with more than 100 workers were nationalized; later, this limit was reduced to only 10. From the early 1950s, more and more new factories were built. This rapid and forced industrialization followed the standard Stalinist pattern in an effort to encourage a more self-sufficient economy. In 1968, Stalinist self-sufficiency was replaced by the “New Economic Mechanism”, which reopened Hungary to foreign trade. Although Hungary enjoyed one of the most liberal and economically advanced economies of the former Eastern Bloc, both agriculture and industry began to suffer from a lack of investment in the 1970s.

Our plan was to go from the back side, where the railroad used to pass as it offered good vantage points, and we could see what’s the situation on security and make an ad hoc entry plan. While scouting with the binoculars we saw evidence of security and dogs, but we had luck as they were nowhere to be seen so we managed to dodge all of it.

Jumping the fence kick started our adrenaline and we tried to stay in the shadows, slowly progressing towards the main building. Along the way we saw a couple of buildings had new windows, our guess those buildings were used by security and workers.

The building is huge, almost 13 stories high and it opened up it’s belly for our photos and videos. The good thing was that there are a lot of broken windows, birds and in general a whole lot of sounds so we felt comfortable sneaking in as we knew that we would have to be really loud to make them notice us. Passing through the dark halls there were a lot of machinery and equipment that the workers use for tearing down the place.

This factory is currently decommissioned and in the last 5-10 years the disassembly has started. It’s so huge in scale that with this tempo they will need another 5-10 to finish it. After a couple of hours of exploring, we felt we had seen enough and started our escape. Running towards the fence felt almost like a prison break, but with the satisfaction that we had our footage and our goal completed.



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