[VIDEO] Infiltration: Hungary Episode 2

In this episode of “Infiltration: Hungary” check out the creepy, and strangely beautiful abandoned control room of the Kelenföld Power Plant, an Art Deco pearl in the heart of Budapest. From the outside, this building looks like a typical industrial power plant. But inside it hides a pearl of Art Deco and a unique example of industrial architecture in the world. The power plant is located in the very center of Budapest, in the Buda neighborhood. This entire neighborhood is receiving a significant inflow of money and will become a new and elite residential area within a few years. Architects Reichl and Borbiro designed a unique control room for the factory, which in its time (1914.) was the most advanced form of power plants.

Besides that, we visit the Royal Adria Palace, a Neo-Baroque academy space which is now used for filming.

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