[VIDEO] INFILTRATION: Hungary Episode 1

The first episode of “Infiltration: Hungary”. The idea is to travel each month to a different destination and do a travel/educational documentary on forgotten and abandoned locations. Please note that this was completely independently funded, all the gear and tools are our own.

This time we set of to explore the secrets of Hungary. The footage you see was filmed in a very short period of 6 days in March 2019. We visited an abandoned Soviet ghost town, a graveyard of MiG-s, 2 really famous factories used as sets for a lot of popular Hollywood movies and the famous Red Star train yard. We will upload new videos every 2 weeks – so remember to check them out!


Camera 1: Vjekoslav Palinic
Drone shots/logistics: Vjekoslav Palinic
Camera 2 / Direction: Mihovil Pirnat
Narration: Mihovil Pirnat
GoPro and Osmo footage: Matija Pucak
Editing: Mirko Czukor
Sound editing: Mirko Czukor
Color: Mirko Czukor
English Subtitles: Ela Diviš

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