[VIDEO] Infiltration Episode 1 – Part 2: Bosnia

The second part of the first episode of our new video series called “Infiltration”. The idea is to travel each month to a different destination and do a travel/educational documentary on forgotten and abandoned locations. Please note that this was completely independently funded, all the gear and tools are our own. The footage was filmed in a very short period of 5 days at the end of December 2018. The focus was on Yugoslavian monuments or popularly called “spomeniks”, old memorial sites and war installations as well as a general feel and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a masterclass in teaching ourselves some filming techniques. Along the way, we met interesting people, enjoyed some seriously delicious food and visited historical sites that may or may not be abandoned in a way you think.


Camera 1: Vjekoslav Palinic

Camera 2 / Direction: Mihovil Pirnat

Drone shots/logistics: Josip Kovač Levantin / Vjekoslav Palinic

Editing: Ivana Percinlic

Sound editing: Nina Džidić Uzelac

Color: Matko Vodopija

English Subtitles: Ela Diviš



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