[VIDEO] BTS – Bulgaria Exploration 2016

Finally the time has come – our first behind the scenes video is live on our YouTube channel.

The video contains behind the scenes video footage of the Croatia Infiltration team exploring and traveling all across Bulgaria in 2016. A lot of people asked us about what goes on behind the camera, so this is a small mood piece about our work. Keep in mind, this video was completely unplanned, and our first serious video project. All of the footage was randomly shot so it was quite a feat to edit it properly.

We have a small video series lined up, with the first episode being our exploration of Bosnian monuments and abandonment. The next (in this case; first) episode will be live in a month, on 1st of May. The rest of the videos we have lined up will be in a different, much more informative tone.

Please give us feedback, your likes and dislikes so we can learn and improve our film making skills – it’s very important to us.

The CI team

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