[AVETI #1]
Cement factory

Within the Days of Architecture in Zagreb we organized a photography exhibition of abandoned industrial heritage. These are some of the extra shots from the location “Cementara”.

The Cement Factory “Croatia” was built in 1908. on the eastern outskirts of Podsused by the construction company “Hönigsberg & Deutsch”, according to the drawings by a German company “G. Polysuis Eisengiesserei und Maschinen fabrik” from Dessau. This is one of our most visited locations so far, we did a lot of filming for a trash action movie called “Iznimna Opasnost (2015)” and a few art projects. Since we visited this place so much it was easy to see how much damage the building sustained through the years. We would say it’s a possible danger to it’s surroundings…

The photos:

[AVETI #1] Cementara_1

[AVETI #1] Cementara_4

[AVETI #1] Cementara_3

[AVETI #1] Cementara_2

[AVETI #1] Cementara_7

[AVETI #1] Cementara_6

[AVETI #1] Cementara_5