The Days of
Architecture in Zagreb

We and our friend and colleague photographer ŽŽivko Pletikapić were asked to create an photo exhibition for this year’s Days of Architecture in Zagreb, hosted by The Zagreb Society of Architects and the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture.

This years theme was “„The potential of industrial heritage in Zagreb”“, so we named our exhibition accordingly “AVETI”. It’s an old word that means apparition, spirit or ghost. The reason why we think it is a convenient name was because of the old oil factory. It’s covered by sheets in an attempt to hide it from the surrounding new apartment block. The company who owns it said that it will remain covered until they find an investor who will do something with it. This is probably the grim fate of all abandoned buildings, regardless of historical value.

“AVETI” consisted of photographs from eight locations in Zagreb that are listed as industrial heritage. The locations were: The cement factory in Podsused, The Rolling Stock Factory Gredelj, The Steam mill, The Slaughter house, The Silk mill, The Oil factory, the Penkala factory and The Electric Bulb Factory. Most of the locations are situated in the city center, just south of the railway.

We’ll be posting blog posts labeled [AVETI] that will have other pictures taken while preparing for the exhibition.

Exhibition at Zagreb Faculty of Architecture