[DAY2 pt.3] Buzludzha monument – fog

In October 2017 we did a road trip across all of Bulgaria. Our main goal was to visit the Buzludzha monument (a forgotten ideological monument dedicated to the Bulgarian Communist Party). Buzludzha is a historical peak in the Central Balkan Mountains, about 1400m high.

Buzludzha monument fog

As the clouds were passing through the mountains, there were a few moments of clarity where the concrete behemoth was completely visible. Due to the harsh conditions we decided to change our plans for the remainder of the trip – we definitely needed to get in during the daytime.

When we first arrived it was completely covered in fog and barely visible. There was a lot of rain and the conditions were quite bleak. Maybe, just maybe, those conditions were perfect to capture the ideological architecture in conditions that reflect on it’s history perfectly.

Buzludzha monument fog

Clearing in the fog, the behemoth emerges

After exploring the Kaloyanovetz train station we were on route for Buzludzha. As we were driving and soaking in the scenery there was small but constant weather change. As we started our climb towards the peak of the mountain, rain and fog started interfering with our visibility. At the top there was no visibility at all.

Buzludzha monument fog

We managed to get inside (there were a lot of other explorers and visitors), avoiding the cameras – we weren’t sure about their functionality. Looking at the communist logo inside the auditorium sheltered by fog and surrounded by sounds of moving metal, you really start to think about how much the times have changed since then… Or have they?

Buzludzha monument fog

The auditorium of Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria – completely covered in thick fog. Time and weather have done their job…

We had a different idea to our stay and visit to this monument, but we decided to stay a couple of days in Shipka (small town closest to the monument) so that the weather may change – giving us an opportunity to film and photograph the monument in daylight.

Buzludzha monument fog

More than 60 Bulgarian artists collaborated on the design of murals for the site, and thousands of volunteers were involved in the construction process.

The next couple of locations were all done while waiting for the weather to change, leading up to our main goal – Buzludzha in daylight.

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