[DAY2 pt.2] Kaloyanovetz Train Station

The small town of Kaloyanovetz is situated near Stara Zagora, it didn’t take us long to find the place full of abandoned trains and carriages.

Kaloyanovetz Trainstation cow

An unkown monument located near the entrance of Kaloyanovetz. At first glance thereĀ are only two cows in the photo… or are there more?

Driving up to the train station we saw a lot of carriages being pulled by various animals as a transportation method – it was a different experience, like going back in time and traveling around the country. The day was a bit cloudy, so the lighting evoked a sort of beautiful melancholy. It’s a fairly small town, we couldn’t find any interesting facts about it – the only one was a train derailment that happened in 2014. In result of the accident, the locomotive driver died and seven other persons were injured including three passengers and four staff members.

Kaloyanovetz infiltration

Taking into consideration we were on unfamiliar terrain – the plan was being sneaky. Sneaky in red…


Kaloyanovetz Trainstation

First we climbed on an abandoned hangar to scout the surrounding area. There was a dog that was constantly barking at us – the owner never bothered to check.


Kaloyanovetz abandoned trains

In the background you can see the still ongoing train station where the accident happened back in 2014.


Kaloyanovetz Train Interior

Photoshoot in the interior of one of the trains.


Abandoned Train Busan Kaloyanovetz

The inside of a passenger compartment. The first association was the movie “Train to Busan”.


Kaloyanovetz abandoned train

The control room of one of the abandoned trains.

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