[Bosnia] Monument to the Revolution

After a short but intense trip to Bosnia we will be sharing all sorts of interesting locations we visited, photographed and filmed. The first day started off with a blast – after realizing (at the border I must add) that my driver’s license expired 4 months ago, I had no option but to pay the fine and put all of the pleasure of driving through snow covered Bosnia on Vjeko.

Although Croatia and Bosna are territorial neighbors, I’ve been only once to Mostar so the rest of the country was still a mystery. Driving through snow covered villages made me appreciate the natural beauty of it. As our logistics fell apart from the start, we didn’t have time to exchange currencies – so when we had to enter the National Park zone of Mrakovica, the gatekeeper just let us go in without paying anything.

Generally speaking I was really glad and thrilled how friendly and helpful the people were.

The first monument we visited was the “Monument to the Revolution” – a World War II memorial sculpture by the modernist sculptor Dusan Dzamonja. Located at Mrakovica, one of the highest peaks of Kozara mountain, it is dedicated to the 2.500 Yugoslav partisan fighters and 68.500 mostly Serb civilians killed or deported in Ustase concentration camps during German-Ustase-Hungarian Kozara Offensive, from June to July 1942.

The whole area is envisioned as a memorial complex consisting of the monument, a memorial wall and the museum all built in 1972. The concrete monument is 33m in height and represents the size of liberty and freedom driven spirit of Kozara, flanked by columns which represent the pressure that the enemy put on Kozara.

I was blown away by the beauty of nature while driving towards the monument. Reaching it as it unveiled from the snow and myst put a mysterious quality to the experience. It was definitively MORE then I expected – in design, in size and in grandiosity.

Monument to the Revolution Croatia Infiltration

Drone shot of the snow covered monument.

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