[AVETI #4]

Within the Days of Architecture in Zagreb we organized a photography exhibition of abandoned industrial heritage. These are some of the extra shots from the location ““Paromlin””.

The building is a steam mill, located on the intersection of Trnjanska – Koturašska. The first part of the mill was built in 1907. The annexed parts were built in the 60’s. During it’s long period of use it survived a big fire in 1988. The building is under protection since 2004.

The reason why we like this place so much is because of it’s location. It’s basically connected to “TZV Gredelj”. They together amass a large territory of abandoned and unused structures in the city centre. There were several architectural competitions for renovation and re-using, unfortunately until today no one knows if they will ever be fulfilled. Also, it’s widely known that city authorities are waiting for abandoned historical heritage to fall into decay and collapse – thus removing them from the “industrial heritage” lists. That being said you need to know that in 2013. the whole southern wing collapsed due to strong winds…

Paromlin and Gredelj are a huge potential for the future of the eastern part of the city, that’s why it must not “fall into the wrong hands”.

The Photos:








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