[AVETI #3]
Slaughterhouse “Klaonica”  

Within the Days of Architecture in Zagreb we organized a photography exhibition of abandoned industrial heritage. These are some of the extra shots from the location “Klaonica”.

This location is an old cattle market and town slaughterhouse. It’s located in Heinzelova street. The architect was Walter Frese, 1928.-1931. Although it’s located in our hometown – Zagreb, we haven’t visited it before. Don’t know what’s the reason, maybe we didn’t think that it was interesting from the exterior considering that a lot of the current spaces are rented out for various warehouses. However, since we entered we instantly realized that this place is truly beautiful and really interesting for photography!

We spent some 3-4 h photographing and filming this gem. Probably the most interesting place was the roof. We even tried to get on top of the water tower but simply couldn’t find the way up… Maybe next time!

The photos:

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_01

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_07

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_06

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_05

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_04

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_03

[AVETI #3] Klaonica_02

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