[AVETI #2]
TZV Gredelj  

Within the Days of Architecture in Zagreb we organized a photography exhibition of abandoned industrial heritage. These are some of the extra shots from the location “Gredelj”.

TŽV Gredelj (Tvornica željezničkih vozila Gredelj d.o.o.) is a state-owned Croatian rolling stock company founded in 1894 as the railway workshops of the Hungarian State Railways. (1893. – 94.) This place is very interesting because it’s located in the town center and is taking up almost 12 hectares of space. It will be interesting to see what’s the future for this huge and expensive abandonment.

[AVETI #2] TZV Gredelj_01

[AVETI #2] TZV Gredelj_02

[AVETI #2] TZV Gredelj_03

[AVETI #2] TZV Gredelj_04

[AVETI #2] TZV Gredelj_05

[AVETI #2] TZV Gredelj_06

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